Using Your Dremel Tool To Remove Striped Screws

Here is another way that you can use your Dremel Rotary Tool.  This last weekend I was removing a handicap handle that I had installed on a wall while my mother was here visiting. I attached these handles to the wall near a step in our house so she would have a grip to stabilize herself in going up and down into the living room. I’m sure you’ve seen them before.

These handles come with six 2 inch wood screws so that you can take them deep into the stud or frame that you are mounting them to. Afterall, they need to bear quite a bit of weight, potentially.

When it came time to remove the screws, two of them did not want to come out very easily. I ended up stripping the screw head, and was not able to remove them. I didn’t want this handle on the wall permanently, so I read on a forum where someone had used their Dremel Tool to remove the screw. Here is what I did.

  1. Use the cutting wheel attachement.
  2. Very carefully, cut a slot across the head of the screw so that you can use a “Standard” screwdriver to insert into the slot you just cut.
  3. Make sure the slot you cut is deep enough to grip the screw, but not too deep so that you weaken the head of the screw.
  4. Use a standard screw driver to begin turning the screw. I recommend this over a power screw driver so you don’t break off the head.
  5. Then, finish up with an electric screw driver or drill.

It worked great on both screws. I didn’t need any other Dremel Tool Accessory, just a simple cutting wheel, used on high speed, and gently cut the slot.

Once again, the Dremel Rotary tool is quite versitle and useful in so many different functions. It may not be the tool you use every day, but it is the tool that you will need quite often when no other tool on your workbench has the ability to do.

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