Use Your Dremel As A Router

Converting your Dremel tool into a router is pretty easy, given that there are so many different Dremel Tool Parts. All you need is their attachment and an assortment of  Bits . I use my router for making miniatures, the bits are very expensive. Unlike traditional routers, the Dremel Router Bits come in sizes and shapes that make working with this tool uniqe.

Combined with a Dremel router/shaper table, these bits will make precision cuts without losing their edge and chomping up or burning up your wood. Converting your Dremel tool into a router is pretty easy. All you need is their attachment and an assortment of Dremel Router Bits .

Router bits are used for creating customized edges and grooves in wood and other soft materials, and for making decorative items such as letter signs and picture frames. All Dremel router bits have an 1/8-inch shank and should always be used in the 335-01 Plunge Router Attachment or the 231 Shaper/Router Table because of their aggressive nature.

When using Dremel bits, just as with other brands, it is necessary to avoid what’s known as “chattering,” when a the bit grinds against the wood in an undesirable fashion because the speed being used is too low. When using Dremel router bits, it is recommended that one increase the speed when chattering occurs.

The steel used in Dremel’s router bits is considered slightly lower quality than the carbide used by some other manufacturers, but Dremel claims they are more than adequate to meet the needs of woodworkers engaged in multiple types of projects.

There are more than 17 million Dremel Rotary Tools currently in use today. With number growing daily, Dremel Tools is here to stay and make it’s mark in the Power Tools industry. With over 150 accessories and numerous attachments, Dremel tools are one of the most versatile rotary tools that you can own.

Dremel tools are very light weight so you can take them anywhere. This allows you to control the speed with one and the power with the other. You will get free replacement brushes for the life of your Dremel tools as well as a five year warranty.

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