Re-grouting Tips And Advice

Whenever tile and grout displays wear and tear, house owners in many cases are tempted to change it out completely. But with a little work, you’ll save around 80% of the cost of replacing and also have your tile looking like new by simply re-grouting!

Re-grouting is the procedure that you remove the current mortar fill in between a pre-existing tile installment. Re-grouting can be carried out with success after a little patience along with determination.

One thing you need to do is normally determine whether you want to re-grout or not by identifying if you’ve got sanded or non-sanded grout. This is significant since re-grouting should exclusively be done to non-sanded grout joints. There are other types of renovation for sanded grout joints which can be more efficient such as grout re-coloring.

Very first, for the grout removal process you will need:

  • Dremel multi tool will get rid of previous grout fairly fast. You might like to practice before you decide to jump right in.
  • Dremel Rotary Tool with tile cutting bit (This application is perfect for ends, edges and also touch-ups)
  • Wet or Dry Vac
  • Razor for removing out of date caulking.
  • Phosphoric Acid Cleaner
  • Scrub brush

Following, you will need tools for your grouting process:

  • 2 Buckets (One intended for mixing grout and one for water)
  • Grout Float
  • Grout Sponge
  • Soft Towels to clean, very last dusting and sealing

Furthermore, for your personal safety you will need safety eye protection, dust masks, ear plugs as well as chemical resistant rubberized cleaning gloves. This certainly will complete the arsenal for your project.

With the Dremel Multi Tool, work with areas about 2ft. by 2ft. applying very long even strokes to eliminate the grout, letting your machine complete the task. Try to remember, you simply ought to remove about 1/16th inch. Don’t try to go any more or you can simply make issues much harder for yourself. Leave a good inch from all corners and sides. It is advisable to clear the sides and corners with a normal Dremel tool using the cutting bit.

Fill up your spray bottle about 25% with phosphoric acid and 75% using water and again work in places about 2ft. by 2ft. beginning at the bottom of the project if it is up and down. Squirt your acid solution and scrub the tile with your scrub brush and water to take off soap scum. Rinse out thoroughly with water and also suck up with the wet or dry vac then dry. You’re now prepared to grout.

Mix the grout inside one of the buckets to a pliable paste and distribute on the tile and grout consistently with your grout float. After that take your grout float and hold in a forty five degree angle to cut out the extra mortar and then fill the grout joints. When you are done grouting, return and wipe smooth using your grout sponge and water rinsing the cloth or sponge out regularly. Do not leave an excessive amount of water in the sponge. Don’t get worried about the light haze it will buff away using the sponge.

When you’re done wiping down allow it to dry for three hours then buff with soft towels. Let the project set at the very least 4-5 hrs and seal your tile. When you are all finished, caulk any kind of parts necessary such as base of sink, bottom of tub surround or base of stall shower.

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