Get Your Dremel Tool Out – It’s Pinewood Derby Time!

Get Your Dremel Rotary Tool Out – It’s Pinewood Derby Time! I can still remember my son’s first Pinewood Derby (It was mine too). I caught the bug and didn’t want to build just some block of wood on wheels. I wanted to compete for the trophy.

I ordered some of the items online to help with the axles, the wheels, and preparing the body. I went down to Lowes and bought a cordless Dremel tool with plenty of attachments. We were ready.

Josh and I had a good time. We worked on the car in the garage, sanding, straightening axles, polishing axles and wheels, and doing it all again. We had this car perfect. We are both Dallas Stars hockey fans, so we painted in up with the Dallas Stars logos, added the weights, and got everything ready to take down to the school for the weigh in and the race.

We won every race in our group and won every race in the semi finals.  The finals were four races, using all four lanes, adding together your accumulated time from those four races. After those four races, Josh finished in 2nd place by .04 seconds! He took home the 2nd place trophy by one of the narrowest margins in Dallas/Fort Worth history. 3rd place finished way back, not even close.

Here’s the conclusion – who do you think had the most fun that night? It was the 2 boys and their 2 dads who were competing until the end. Both of use used Dremel Rotary Tolls as the primary means of customizing, and preparing the car to be fast.  Without a doubt, if it wasn’t for using the Dremel Tool, all the bits, sanding, polishing, and preparing the car, we would not have been even close.

If you’re going to take the time and prepare a car this year, then head down to your hardware store, pick up a cordless Dremel, and I even saw that Lowes is now carrying a Revel Pinewood Derby prep kit. Create a memory and have a blast!

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