Get The Dremel Tool Engraving Attachment For Security

I’m not sure how many times I read about things getting stolen at schools, work, from the backyard, or wherever. As a Dremel Tool owner, one of the things you might want to do is use one of the popular Dremel Tool Parts – the engraver attachment.

Depending upon the kit that came with your Dremel when you bought it, you may have one in your kit and not even know it… or have just never used it.  If you don’t have one, you can go down to Lowes and pick one up for a few bucks, or just order one off of

If you want to purchase the full kit, which you can see in the image to your right, it comes with full carving and engraving tools. It’s a pretty cool little kit for less than $15.

The main reason I am writing this now is that with all the back to school stuff, you could use the engraver to etch your name into your very expensive graphing calculator, locks, phones, ipods, and just about anything that is plastic, wood, or metal.

Engraving your name into something is a huge deterent to someone stealing something.  If you just have a sticker or your name written in marker on the item, that can be covered, pulled off, or erased. Now, if someone really wants to steal something, they’ll do it. But, having your name engraved on an item is a smart thing to do.

Here’s what a few people had to say about why they liked the engraver kit:

“Great Product. I used it on wood, glass, and metal to carve or engrave a multitude of letter, etc.”

“This is a great value kit!!! the small carving pieces are for fine detail work, and i recommend the use of those devices for a flexshaft. The bonus on this kit are the diamond covered bits which are great for wood, glass etc. And the silicon carbide stones are great for glass etc.”

“I used the engraver tips to engrave our names into all of our things that we take to work and school. We just want to help keep honest people honest.”

You get the idea. It is a nice attachment or kit to add ot your Dremel Tool for a few bucks. I used it to put my kid’s names on the back of their ipods this morning. My handwriting isn’t the best, but the tool did a great job and there is no mistaking whose ipods they are now :-) .

A little prevention can go a long way from having to go out and spend another $150-$300 to replace some calculator or other electronic device.

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