What Can You Do With a Dremel Tool

As it says in the header of this site, Dremel Power Tools may be the most versatile tool on your workbench. Combined with it’s many different tips, it’s use is limited only by the imagination of the craftsman or hobbyist.

The most popular Dremel is the rotary tool. It is among the most versatile tools available for whatever project you wish to do. The rotary Dremel has tips for engraving, polishing, cutting, grinding, cleaning, carving, drilling and sanding. There isn’t much you can’t do with it.

Pets and Dremel

Part of owning a dog is grooming. While many people think nothing of bathing their pet, a lot of people shy away from nail trimming. If the nails are not properly cut they can split and cause the nails to catch on the rug or furniture. The nail can also be cut too short and cause pain and bleeding. With the dremel and a sanding drum, you can sand you pups nails to the right length with a lot less fear of mistakes or injury. Sometimes the sound may be intimidating to the dog, but with a little time and patience you can use the sanding drum on their nails. It is best to do each nail for a few seconds and then move on to the next one. Some heat will be generated and it’s possible the dog will not like that at all.

Craft Projects

If you do small wooden craft projects, the Dremel is a great tool for smoothing out those rough edges. It can also be used to drill holes in the wood and save lots of time for the assembly of your masterpiece. The selection of tips and tools is huge and you can pick and choose exactly what you need to complete the chore. There are also cutting, sanding and carving kits available. There are 6 available routing bits as well as a cut-off wheel.

Theft Protection

There are an assortment of tool kits that fit the Dremel. You can get attachments in sets of anywhere from fifty two to one hundred eighty five pieces. There are also engraving kits that can be used with the same body. As you acquire your skills you can use these tools to monogram metals or even glass. This comes in very handy to put identification marks on your electronic equipment to give you something else to tell officials in case of theft.

Many craftsman use their tool to make a complete wooden project. This is possible because of the assortment of router bits that are available. The proper router bit gives a professional touch to your project.

Many types of jewelry can be created and polished with the Dremel. The jewelry can be engraved with the engraving tools and polished to a high shine. To attempt to list all of the projects that can be completed with this high speed rotary tool would take an encyclopedia. It is durable and accessible. You may even find one in your podiatrists office to help remove those painful calluses on your feet.

Whatever your project, be it shaping metal or plastic, designing jewelry to trimming Fluffy’s nails, there is at least one kind of Dremel power tool to suit your need.

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