Dremel Tool Parts

Dremel Tool Parts are both inexpensive and long lasting. Like the pictures of the different parts above, you can get lots of accessories in one parts kit, or you can buy them individually.

So far, in all of my scouting over the last couple of decades, the best place to find Dremel Tool Parts is at Lowes. If you can get to Lowes, it is one of the best places to pick up the part, router bit, or accessory you need. In my opinion, it doesn’t make sense to shop online for dremel tool parts, pay $7 for shipping on a $5 part. Plus, when you need that one certain part, it’s hard to shop online when you really need to see and measure the part first hand.

There are two main things when discussing dremel tool parts. First is dremel tool parts itself, and then dremel tool accessories. Dremel tool parts are typically when you need to replace or get an extra part to your tool, such as a chuck, cordless battery, or specialized attachment. Dremel tool accessories are getting all of the extra bits and attachments that do the work for you.

Cordless Dremel Tool

The only time it might be worthwhile to shop online for dremel tool parts is when you are buying a larger kit, like the picture above, or you are buying a specialized attachment. One other reason not to buy online is that most online stores don’t really sell dremel accessories on their website. You need to go to their website, where they give you a phone number, and you need to call their salesmen and try to describe over the phone what you are needing. You might as well go down to your local hardware store.

One of the things I would like to emphasize is to keep your instructional manual nearby. It will list all of your parts and part numbers, along with extra accessories that are available for use with your dremel rotary tool. Even after nearly three decades of using a dremel, I make reference to my manual all time time.

I’ve never had this happen to me, but I know it does. Sometimes your dremel motor just dies or gets burnt up. Cranking at several thousand RPM’s, some motors eventually do burn up. Unless you are in love with that particular dremel tool you have in your hand, it seems wiser to me to simply buy a new model, rather than looking for a replacement motor. Some motors will cost as much as a new tool anyway.

My advice for buying your dremel rotary tool is to buy it online. My advice for buying dremel tool parts and accessories is to go down to Lowes and browse around and buy it locally. To give you a quick example why. If you needed a 220 grit sanding disc. If you went to Lowes it would cost about $2.50 plus tax, and you have it right away. If you buy it online, it may cost $1.97 instead, but, there is a minimum order of 10 discs, plus tax, plus shipping of $7.47. So, rather than spending about $2.75, you spent $30 online and had to wait 2 weeks to get it.

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  1. jennifer webster says:

    i am looking for a cordless battery pack #785. can u please tell me how much this retails for and what stores carry it in sacramento, ca. or what website i can get it at? thanks for ur help

  2. mark grice says:

    parts for Dremel Moto Lathe 700-1 Mini Lathe

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