Dremel Router Bits

Converting your Dremel tool into a router is pretty easy. All you need is the Dremel router attachment (which you can pick up at the hardware store) and an assortment of Dremel Router Bits.

One of the best things that using a high speed tool, like the Dremel, is that is great for hobbies and precision work. Using one of the Dremel router attachments you can do that same precision work. For example, you can use these bits for building miniature houses and buildings, as well as doll house furniture. With these bits you can make very precise cuts, unlike a regular sized, bulky router.

For regular router work, just choose the correct Dremel Router Bit. You will find it works quite well with the router table attachment. For example, if you are cutting slots you may need to begin at a low cut depth and gradually raise the cut to your desired depth. As a high speed tool, it cuts very clean and does an outstanding job. Just remember to take your time cutting through your stock.

I think you will like the strength of the Dremel Router Bits. You can go from a precision job to a large job quite easily. I was making a 12 foot miniature golf hole for a carnival at our church. I was working with some 1/2″ plywood. It was the first time I had used my Dremel for a job like this. I was amazed how well it cut. As you may know, hardwoods and plywood can be tough on router bits. But my Dremel bits stayed sharp and cut well.

Cordless Dremel Tool

Unlike traditional routers, the Dremel Router Bits come in sizes and shapes that make working with this tool uniqe. Combined with a Dremel router/shaper table, these bits will make precision cuts without losing their edge and chomping up or burning up your wood. I have use these for specific projects (Pinewood Derby, model train buildings, furniture, etc.), and you will find that these bits are just the right size.

I got an email from a guy a couple weeks ago who was reading this review. I liked his review better than mine, so I have included his comments about the bits. “The Dremel router bits are the next great step for a Dremel tool owner. As you know, Dremel is an excellent, precision tool to have on your workbench. I’ve used mine for so many projects I would not have ever thought of. I was building a dresser for my son. I had used my Dremel for some things in building the dresser and the drawers. I used my dremel bits to make the the dado cuts before I glued them together. I made them by using dremel router bits to make the dado. I also had to use the Dremel as normal to make the edge cuts that the router bit couldn’t reach. It worked great.”

You can typically find individual bits a place like Lowes for about $5 – $7 per bit. If you would rather buy a kit, then go somewhere like Amazon to save yourself about $10-$20 for the kit.

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