Dremel Rotary Tool – Go Cordless

That is good news if you are in the market for a new Dremel Rotary Tool. I wasn’t in the market, until I read a review on the newest improvements to the battery life. I’ve owned a Dremel Tool for over 20 years, and going cordless is one of their greatest improvements I have seen during that time.

I am not sure how much longer corded models will remain on the market. It is not long any regular power tool, like a drill or a jig saw. With a high speed tool, you tend to do more precision work. Not having a cord to knock into things, get caught on something, or otherwise interfere is a huge plus.

The Cordless Dremel Rotary Tool I Recommend

Having owned 2 previous Dremel tools, when I found out about the improved battery, I went out and bought the Dremel 7700. My son was building his car for the Pinewood Derby, and I could think of no better time to go out and get one. One of the things about this tool is that it is go-anywhere.

We took it out to his scout troop and worked on several of the cars together. After working on several cars, their wheels, and their axles, there was still plenty of battery to spare. A friend of mine who had owned one of the original cordless models – his would have been dead after about 15 minutes.

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A couple of the features that this model has is 2-speed, either 10,000 or 20,000 rpms. It comes with several tools and attachments in order to do any level of work. Mine came in a bag, like the picture on the left.

The reason I included the Amazon link on the left is that is where I bought mine. You save 40% over the regular price that you could find at Home Depot or Lowes.

Of course, it is good for many things besides building cars for cub scouts. It is good for many other types of hobbies, from doll furniture building, to model railroading, to other fine crafts. The Dremel Rotary Tool is also good for getting out and doing some more rugged jobs. I have used it for:

  1. cleaning old caulk around my window frames
  2. cleaning up old tile glue on the floor
  3. drilling holes in hard to reach places
  4. sharpening my saws
  5. polishing some precious stones
  6. engraving some metal plates
  7. cutting old screws out
  8. doing finish work on a fine furniture

There are many other things. The Dremel Rotary Tool, model 7700 is a great tool to add to your workbench. You’ll be surprised how much it gets used.

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