Dremel Multi Tool

The Dremel Multi Tool, or better known as the Dremel Multi-Max Tool, is one of the hottest lines of tools on the market today. Last Saturyday I watched a 1-hour infomercial on a 13-in-1 Multi Tool.

It looked like a work horse of a tool, but it is extremely more expensive than the Dremel Multi Tool. So, what can it do, what can it not do, and is it worth your time or money to invest in the Dremel or another similar brand. Watch the video below for an objective review.

In watching this review, you need to decide what it is you really want to use a Dremel Multi Tool for. If you are wanting to take it to the construction site and do some real heavy-duty work, you are going to be disappointed. If you are wanting to use it for what is consistent with all Dremel tools – to have as a unique and reliable tool for your home work bench, then it is probably the best choice that is out there. With the Dremel, you are going to find consistent power, long battery life, easy to use, and great and readily available parts that will last for a long time.

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I know there are other brand names, such as Bosch or Craftsman, but in my opinion the best overall Multi Tool for the serious home work shop is the Dremel Multi Tool. And, the best place I have found with the best price is at Amazon. I have seen these tools for well over $150. At Amazon, it is less expensive and you get the whole kit, instead of just a few parts with your tool. Out of the kit, it is ready to do almost any job you may have for it in a home improvement project.

Dremel Multimax Tool

From ripping up old tile glue, cutting wood in difficult locations, cutting tile, making precision cuts in sheetrock, and many other project, the Demel MultiMax is a relaible tool that is a fraction of the cost of other brands. The other thing that is very nice about the Dremel is the warranty. Next to Craftsman, it’s probably one of the best guarantees that you can find on the market.

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