A Dremel Multi Tool Review

I purchased the Dremel Multi Tool after seeing it advertised on TV.  I used it to cut out baseboards, sand rough spots, and trim up the frame on a pre-hung door.  Every cut was clean, the tool is easy to use, and it’s size and shape is great for tough spots.

In watching this review, you need to decide what it is you really want to use a Dremel Multi Tool for.    I have been on quite the DIY kick and that Dremel Multi tool is a dream!  It does sound a bit different, the motor whines at a higher pitch.  The blades are harder to come by but they are much cheaper.

Cutting holes in drywall:   It works great for cutting holes for electrical boxes — the straight blades leave a nice clean hole without a lot of dust.   For those times when you need to get access to plumbing to make changes or to repair a pipe it works nicely.   In one case I removed the drywall, made the necessary changes then I was able to reuse the drywall to close up the hole.

The Dremel Multi-Max Oscillating Tool offers do-it-yourselfers and pros a versatile and effective multitasking tool.  It makes fast work of odd jobs and hard to reach cuts that more conventional tools like jig saws, reciprocating saws and many more tools cannot handle o their own.  The Multi-Max comes in a convenient plastic  carry box that holds not only the tool and plenty of accessories as well as a  much needed holder for the all important Allen wrench.

One problem for the Dremel however is that it is not yet really compatible with Fein accessories.  The Dremel tool does have a good selection of accessories at very affordable prices however they need to add many more and until these are released over the next year, Fein still has some nice specialty attachments not available from Dremel.

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