Dremel Multi-Max Review

I don’t know about your, but I have watched the TV infomercials for the Fein Multimaster.  It looks good, but not having the money they are asking, I decided to purchase the Multi-Max and try it out. I think another reason the Fein is so expensive is because they are paying millions of dollars for that infomercial.

I have used The Dremel Multi Tool for several different jobs. For the most part it did a good job, and did all that I needed it to do. I don’t believe the Fein could have done any better.

Here are some of the tasks that it took on.

  1. Removing flooring next to cabinetsThe old underlayment was not reusable and I did not want to remove the cabinets so I made a cut in the the underlayment at the cabinets then removed the majority of the flooring.  It made a difficult job easier. Doing this otherwise is a mess and a potential for damage.
  2. Cutting holes in drywall - This is a piece of cake.  This is great for cutting holes for electrical boxes. The straight blades leave a nice clean hole without a lot of dust. For those times when you need to get access to plumbing to make changes or to repair a pipe it works nicely. In one case I removed the drywall, made the necessary changes then I was able to reuse the drywall to close up the hole because the cut was so clean. In adding the electrical box, I was doing so inside a cabinet, above a stove. I had to cut through 1/4″ of plywood and 1/2″ of drywall. It was really tight and this little tool allowed me to get inside a make a clean cut that was a perfect fit for the box.
  3. Cutting plumbing pipes – It did a good job on copper pipe buried in the wall and it did satisfactory on plastic drain pipe. The main thing with plastic is that it would melt if you didn’t make your cut fast enough. You just need to learn to do that more quickly.
  4. Making a flush cut in wood siding - I installed new sliding glass doors that opened on a deck. It worked perfectly to cut the siding at the deck plate so I could get the old door out while leaving a clean cut for the new trim. I had no problems. Didn’t notice a loss in power or a struggle to get the job done.

I probably used this Dremel Multi Max for two months to complete those different jobs, and it worked fine. Really, above my expectations. I didn’t have problems with the blades coming loose and it never got hot enough to stop because of overheating. I didn’t think that it would be sub par, but after watching the Fein infomercial, you have expectations that nothing else can work as well.

Do you need the Multi Max and could I have done this work with other tools? Sure, but it would have taken much longer or there would have been a lot more extra work to repair the damage from other tools.

I recommend this tool, especially if you like to do all your own home repair and improvement projects. If you’re a professional contractor, well I don’t know how this will hold up to that kind of work, but for weekend warriors, I think it’s perfect.

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