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Dremel Rotary Tool: A Must Have

Rotary tools are perfect for those who want some multi-function tool for their various jobs. It is the perfect addition to your collection of tools. They are held by the hand. Dremel is a well-known brand for rotary tools because of its versatility and known quality. It is the most popular of all rotary tools and is preferred by many.

The rotary tool may be high-speed or low torque depending on the function that you want. You can use it for your job or for your interests. You can choose from the rotary tools which are of high performance or the tools which have high speed. There are also tools that are modern in features like the cordless rotary tools. There are also tools which are called MiniMite. You also have the option of a Series Rotary tool if you want.


Why Choose The Dremel Rotary Tool: Main Points

The rotary device kit is really a useful set with regard to detailing and repairs around the house. Dremel Rotary resources are particularly helpful for detail focus on floors and home furniture.


This device kit is fantastic for polishing. It enables you to definitely smooth out unequal surfaces on both handmade and store-purchased items.


If you are interested in creating or altering your personal furniture, crown creating or other home style feature, the actual rotary tool kit will help you in defining.


Dremel Rotary resources are excellent for accuracy cutting. If you are looking to use a ceiling or even hanging lamp, the actual Dremel tool will assist you to cut the actual right-sized pit.

The Dremel tool may also help you improve the efficiency. Because the tool kit encompasses multiple jobs, you will need only to switch pieces and accessories. This enables you to definitely focus on building your shed at hand not monitoring multiple tools while you take long breaks to find all of them.

Dremel – Pinewood Derby Demonstrations

It’s that time of year again, if you haven’t already been hard at it – building the fastest and best looking Pinewood Derby car.

I’ve told the story before about how much fun my son and I had building, creating, painting, and putting what we thought was the fastest car we could put together. You can see a photo of it here.

It all started with a trip to Lowes for one of their demonstrations. They are going to be happening over the next month. Just contact Lowes, or go on their website, and find out when the next one is near you.

My son’s car still sits on his shelf, leaning against his trophy. For all the scouts who were there that night, I bet only one or two others can say the same.

There is nothing more fun that night than having a car that really competes. Kids get fist pumping, yelling, cheering, and proud smiles are had all around. Compare that to the kids who really didn’t compete. They’re just ready to go home.

The primary difference in our night was using a Dremel Rotary Tool to sand, polish, shape, and create. Without the Dremel tool, I guarantee you that we would not have come home with a trophy.

Is it about the trophy? Yep.

That may sound strange. I wasn’t in it to crush the others. I wanted my son and I to give our best. And today, that trophy is still something we’re proud of.

Here’s what I would do:

First, contact Lowes and go to a demonstration.

Second, plan on buying a Dremel that night, or order one online from Amazon (cheapest place).

Third, carve out time each day to spend with your son. Let him do most the work, except where safety is the issue.

Fourth, polish everything with the highest grit paper you can find – wheels, axels, body, everything.

Fifth, polish it some more.

Sixth, paint, sand, and decorate.

Seventh, go have a blast and bring home a trophy.

If you’re looking for the best Dremel Rotary Tool you can find, click on the link below, which will take you to the Amazon webpage. It is the same exact one I use.

Cordless Dremel Tool

Dremel Multi-Max Review

I don’t know about your, but I have watched the TV infomercials for the Fein Multimaster.  It looks good, but not having the money they are asking, I decided to purchase the Multi-Max and try it out. I think another reason the Fein is so expensive is because they are paying millions of dollars for that infomercial.

I have used The Dremel Multi Tool for several different jobs. For the most part it did a good job, and did all that I needed it to do. I don’t believe the Fein could have done any better.

Here are some of the tasks that it took on.

  1. Removing flooring next to cabinetsThe old underlayment was not reusable and I did not want to remove the cabinets so I made a cut in the the underlayment at the cabinets then removed the majority of the flooring.  It made a difficult job easier. Doing this otherwise is a mess and a potential for damage.
  2. Cutting holes in drywall - This is a piece of cake.  This is great for cutting holes for electrical boxes. The straight blades leave a nice clean hole without a lot of dust. For those times when you need to get access to plumbing to make changes or to repair a pipe it works nicely. In one case I removed the drywall, made the necessary changes then I was able to reuse the drywall to close up the hole because the cut was so clean. In adding the electrical box, I was doing so inside a cabinet, above a stove. I had to cut through 1/4″ of plywood and 1/2″ of drywall. It was really tight and this little tool allowed me to get inside a make a clean cut that was a perfect fit for the box.
  3. Cutting plumbing pipes – It did a good job on copper pipe buried in the wall and it did satisfactory on plastic drain pipe. The main thing with plastic is that it would melt if you didn’t make your cut fast enough. You just need to learn to do that more quickly.
  4. Making a flush cut in wood siding - I installed new sliding glass doors that opened on a deck. It worked perfectly to cut the siding at the deck plate so I could get the old door out while leaving a clean cut for the new trim. I had no problems. Didn’t notice a loss in power or a struggle to get the job done.

I probably used this Dremel Multi Max for two months to complete those different jobs, and it worked fine. Really, above my expectations. I didn’t have problems with the blades coming loose and it never got hot enough to stop because of overheating. I didn’t think that it would be sub par, but after watching the Fein infomercial, you have expectations that nothing else can work as well.

Do you need the Multi Max and could I have done this work with other tools? Sure, but it would have taken much longer or there would have been a lot more extra work to repair the damage from other tools.

I recommend this tool, especially if you like to do all your own home repair and improvement projects. If you’re a professional contractor, well I don’t know how this will hold up to that kind of work, but for weekend warriors, I think it’s perfect.

Get The Dremel Tool Engraving Attachment For Security

I’m not sure how many times I read about things getting stolen at schools, work, from the backyard, or wherever. As a Dremel Tool owner, one of the things you might want to do is use one of the popular Dremel Tool Parts – the engraver attachment.

Depending upon the kit that came with your Dremel when you bought it, you may have one in your kit and not even know it… or have just never used it.  If you don’t have one, you can go down to Lowes and pick one up for a few bucks, or just order one off of Amazon.com

If you want to purchase the full kit, which you can see in the image to your right, it comes with full carving and engraving tools. It’s a pretty cool little kit for less than $15.

The main reason I am writing this now is that with all the back to school stuff, you could use the engraver to etch your name into your very expensive graphing calculator, locks, phones, ipods, and just about anything that is plastic, wood, or metal.

Engraving your name into something is a huge deterent to someone stealing something.  If you just have a sticker or your name written in marker on the item, that can be covered, pulled off, or erased. Now, if someone really wants to steal something, they’ll do it. But, having your name engraved on an item is a smart thing to do.

Here’s what a few people had to say about why they liked the engraver kit:

“Great Product. I used it on wood, glass, and metal to carve or engrave a multitude of letter, etc.”

“This is a great value kit!!! the small carving pieces are for fine detail work, and i recommend the use of those devices for a flexshaft. The bonus on this kit are the diamond covered bits which are great for wood, glass etc. And the silicon carbide stones are great for glass etc.”

“I used the engraver tips to engrave our names into all of our things that we take to work and school. We just want to help keep honest people honest.”

You get the idea. It is a nice attachment or kit to add ot your Dremel Tool for a few bucks. I used it to put my kid’s names on the back of their ipods this morning. My handwriting isn’t the best, but the tool did a great job and there is no mistaking whose ipods they are now :-) .

A little prevention can go a long way from having to go out and spend another $150-$300 to replace some calculator or other electronic device.